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75 Treasure Hunter Keys


  • 75 Treasure Hunter Keys

75 Treasure Hunter Keys

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Treasure Hunter features chests which have to be opened by using keys. Five chests are offered. Each contains a gem (white, yellow, orange, red, or purple), once a chest is selected a key is used to open it and the gem (containing a prize of the appropriate scarcity) is revealed. The player is offered the option of placing the prize in the bank or inventory (provided there is space), discarding or collecting later.

What is RuneScape?

The World’s Most Popular Free MMO
Anyone can pick up and play RuneScape. RuneScape doesn’t require any downloads at all and can be accessed almost instantly via the web’s most popular browsers. RuneScape is consistently hailed as one of the most immersive free MMOs available on the web – so much so that it entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2008 as the world’s most popular free MMORPG
With over 175 million registered users, players can explore the realms and cities within Gielinor of their own free will, doing all they can to rid the land of evil forces and express themselves through their actions – whether helpful, mischievous or downright despicable…

What Makes RuneScape Unique?

Evolving World & Quests

The world of Gielinor is truly enormous, with a mass of different cities, races, clans and dungeons to explore. Whether it’s practicing in the friendly, accommodating land of Lumbridge, discovering unsavoury characters in the rough-and-tumble docks of Port Sarim, or slaying other players and bloodthirsty monsters in the barren lands of the Wilderness, there’s a huge variety of things for players old and new to explore every single day.

RuneScape continues to expand all the time, but membership can open up whole new areas to conquer. A RuneScape subscription will grant you access to a world over three times larger than that found in the free game, with more than 150 additional quests to test your abilities. Subscribers will also be able to learn and practice nine new skills, and will have access to 20 minigames that are available to members only.

A Living World

Always Expanding Always Expanding Always Expanding Always Expanding Always Expanding Always Expanding Always Expanding

RuneScape has some of the most amazing community events available anywhere on the internet, with new challenges and adventures being set regularly. The RuneScape community is the most helpful and knowledgeable around, and our events are there to help bring that community together. Subscribers meanwhile can get access to more events and tournaments.

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