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Runescape Package 1


  • Runescape Package 1

Runescape Package 1

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Product Description

RuneScape 45 Days+1 Bond

1. 45 Days Membership $19.99
2. Includes one Bond [Bond can be redeemed in-game for 160 RuneCoins or 8 Treasure Hunter Keys or an additional 14 days Membership]

Package Description

• RuneCoins are a type of RuneScape currency. Bought through micro-transaction, they are used to buy cosmetic items in Solomon’s General Store
• Treasure Hunter features chests which have to be opened by using keys. Five chests are offered. Each contains a gem (white, yellow, orange, red, or purple), once a chest is selected a key is used to open it and the gem (containing a prize of the appropriate scarcity) is revealed. The player is offered the option of placing the prize in the bank or inventory (provided there is space), discarding or collecting later.
• 14 Days Membership – More awesomeness


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